What Our Patients Say

“As a professional fighter I need to keep my body in top condition. The Pain Relief Clinic is excellent, I have nothing but praise for the fabulous service, care and attention that I receive. Tahir is a very personable professional whose treatment is always very effective. I see him regularly to ensure any aches and pains are kept under control so I can continually train at an optimal level. Tahir is always my first port of call for any injuries, always there to fix me every time I break myself!”

Che Mills, Welterweight Veteran Ultimate Fighting Championships Athlete

 “The treatment and advice I received from Tahir was fantastic. I was suffering from muscle soreness in my back when I first visited the clinic and left feeling a million times better. He was also kind enough to give me lots of tips on stretching and core exercises too, which have proven really useful.”

Adrian Clarke, Arsenal FC 1991-97

“Tahir has helped me overcome and manage both long term injuries that have held me back as well as problems I inherited during the course of the season. Seeing Tahir on a regular basis is beneficial to ensuring I am physically ready when its time to compete. He manipulates my joints and provides additional exercises to improve my technique and flexibility.”

Jermaine Olasan, British International Long Jumper

“I was treated very professionally by Tahir. He was able to treat pre- occurring injuries I had, but also highlighted problem areas I was unaware of. He offered extensive advice and subscribed rehab and easy day to day techniques to help improve my personal performance and overall body condition.”

Daniel Norton England International Rugby 7s Winger

“Having struggled to play through a hamstring injury, 6 weeks of treatment at the Pain Relief Clinic enabled me to stay injury free for the whole season. Tahir used a variety of techniques to locate the major cause of the injury and through the quality of biomechanical treatment and a hamstring strengthening programme the injury healed within 6 weeks.”

Tom Webb, Gloucester City Football Club Captain

“As a personal trainer, it is highly important to have my body in full working order at all times. Not only was the service at the Pain Relief Clinic highly professional, I also had instant results! Even with long term problems, Tahir helped pin-point the cause and gave me treatment and expert advice to aid my recovery and to help prevent the issue from reoccurring. I am extremely happy to be back in training and highly recommend his services. I urge anyone with an injury to go and see him, you won’t regret it!”

Steve Wakefield, Personal Trainer at The Gym Gloucester

“Toby and myself have visited Tahir several times over the past 2 years with back and nerve problems resulting from various cycling exploits. We found the experience to be very personable with Tahir taking the time to understand the background behind the problems. We would thoroughly recommend his clinic and approach to others and shall keep him in mind when we need such treatment again.”

Ann Wooldridge, Ladies (50+) 2009 USA Transcontinental Record Holder & British Record Holder

Toby Wooldridge, President of the Gloucester City Cycling Club

“Having been a professional rugby player for 15 years the physical demand on the body is relentless. The Pain Relief Clinic is always my first port of call for any injuries or issues I have with my body. Having seen many therapists in my career, I must say Tahir is one of the best due to his knowledge, empathy and the results he brings with a combination of his skills. His advice on rehabilitation is also top notch, so I can better manage my body and prevent injury. All in all great service and comes highly recommended for those in pain and I am very grateful to the Pain Relief Clinic.”

Adam Balding, Professional Rugby

“With all my Mixed Martial Arts training I’m constantly picking up injuries. Tahir is always available for treatment and has never turned me away given the short notice. From sore muscles to aching joints he has offered great advice and a cure. Thanks Tahir!”

Matthew Phillips, IT Consultant

“I had lower back pain from military service and working in hostile countries, this left me with sharp shooting pains in my lower back. For years I just pushed through it and ignored my pain. I first heard about Tahir on the grapevine from others who he had treated and after a few visits the pain faded as the problem resolved. He has done a great job and conducts himself in a professional manner and puts your mind at rest with his knowledge and experience which has led to my relief after 15 years of pain. Highly recommended and a top man!”

Ian, Former Royal Marines Officer

“Tahir has been a welcomed addition to our team down in Lee Valley. We have really appreciated the work he has done, from performance therapy, to rehabilitation and conditioning. We have some of the best therapist in the world working within our system and Tahir has showed he can hang with them all!”

Jonas TD, Performance Coach UK Athletics

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